Webinar | The Digital Signage Webinar by Gary Kayye

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What’s the state of the Digital Signage industry? Well, in case you didn’t know, the digital signage market is going through a renaissance – some due to COIVD and some due to new tech. And, if you’re not in digital signage, you should be! If you’ve been to a Whole Foods, a shopping mall, a doctor’s office or even to nearly any fast feed restaurant lately, you’ve seen digital signage doing everything from menu-boarding to social distancing notification, to wayfinding, to hand sanitation distribution! But, did you know that digital signage is the new UCC? Yep! Everyone from Universities to Corporations and Healthcare is using signage displays to allow for ad-hoc collaboration, too!

So, where are the new opportunities in signage and how do you understand them? Here’s where – Gary Kayye’s Digital Signage Webinar! This webinar is sponsored by BrightSign.

View the recording here.