Webinar | The State of the LED Market: From Stadiums to Boardrooms

**Note: CTS RUs are not available for webinar or educational session recordings.

LED has experienced explosive market growth over the past three years. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find any other display technology that’s experienced the market growth that LED has. And it’s not Just for stadiums, arenas and billboard anymore. Now, LEDs are everywhere — inside and outside. In fact, it’s probably the one technology that will likely, one day, usurp the LCD. Now we even have LEDs with a fine enough pixel-pitch to go into meeting rooms.

This webinar, led by rAVe founder Gary Kayye, is designed to update you on where we are right now with LED and where it’s heading over the next 12 months. He’ll cover the technology, the new applications LED-based products are likely to end up in and give you an update on the market leaders. If you sell displays going into meeting rooms, retail stores, boardrooms, schools, airports or if you just do meeting rooms, you should consider watching this webinar and understand what’s what and where you can make money selling and installing LEDs. This webinar is sponsored by Leyard Planar

View the recording here.