Webinar | Integrating AV Systems to Accommodate Gen Z and Millennials

**Note: CTS RUs are not available for webinar or educational session recordings.

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We’ve been living in a tech-renaissance of the AV classroom, boardroom and meeting room for 25+ years. More than two decades in, our industry is designing and installing, for the most part, the exact same way. Sure, the technology and products have changed significantly. But overall, we’re still routing, connecting and distributing signals from source to display and speakers — just like we always did. But that’s all about to change. For the first time in history, we have a generation — a generation aging through the corporation, moving into leadership roles — that doesn’t present, collaborate or communicate the way we do. Generation Y (the millennials) and Generation Z (the current class of students) are getting “influencer” and management roles within companies. They aren’t into the idea of meeting after meeting. And they certainly don’t need that “personal connection” like you and I do. Don’t believe me? Think about how often your kids text you instead of calling you to have a “conversation.” To Generations Y and Z, a text IS a conversation. You get my point? So, instead of launching into a discussion about what technology and products to spec when designing a room, we need to switch our thinking: We need to be people first. Technology second. This webinar is approved for 1.0 CTS, CTS-D and CTS-I RUs and is sponsored by Legrand AV.

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