Webinar | From Retail to Restaurants to Restrooms — The AV in DS

The AV in DSDigital Signage has always been linked to the advertising market – replacing menu boards, static signs in airports, bus stops and even delivering messages to captive audiences in bathrooms. But, signage is now driving EV charging stations, wayfinding in grocery stores following COVID-19, managing capacities in retail stores, driving experiential events in malls, on campuses and even in town centers.

The digital signage market is positioned to be the fastest-growing segment of AV for decades to come as advertising moves beyond the TV screen and out-of-the-home. But, did you know that the display companies make entire signage ecosystems now? Did you know that you can deliver content exclusively via the cloud now? And, do you understand the impact of 5G in signage and why it may very well be the single biggest driver of growth in 2022 and 2023?

This webinar from Gary Kayye will cover all this and who you should be selling, designing and installing digital signage systems. Gary is not only a tech futurist but also teaches advertising, so he’s uniquely positioned to tell this story.

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