Webinar | The Digital Signage Webinar – What’s What and Who’s Who

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The digital signage market is only a decade old but it’s already been anointed “the future of advertising”. Just a few years ago, nearly $180 Billion was spent worldwide on TV ads. But, as fewer people are watching what’s known as “linear TV,” advertising dollars are shifting into social media, digital media and digital signage. Just look around and see how many digital signs there are today compared to just two years ago. They’re everywhere. The ProAV market is going to play, in a big way, in that growth. Both in hardware and software, and hopefully, in content, too.

Gary Kayye’s latest webinar will give you a great overview on where the digital signage market is now – both with hardware and software. And, did you know that two digital signage giants just launched cloud-based signage services for the ProAV integrator, too? Gary will cover that as well. He’ll also take a look at how unusual, creative signage technologies like transparent displays, wallpaper-like displays and projection are likely to impact the digital signage market. And of course, he’ll tell you exactly how you can get started.

View the webinar recording here.