Webinar | AV Starts with ‘A’ – and the ‘A’ is Way More Profitable than the ‘V’

**Note: CTS RUs are not available for webinar or educational session recordings.

This webinar is designed to be the perfect “state of the audio industry” session. AV includes audio. The V in “AV” gets all the glitz and glamour, but the A, ironically, is more profitable. While video is an art, audio is a science — and that science basically grew this industry. AV started with A. And, the A is where all the emotion comes from.

Companies like Zoom have revolutionized the UCC experience but, did you know that there are UCC-specific audio solutions that simplify installs, too? And, did you know that echo cancellation isn’t the most important part of a video call any longer? Now we have beamforming microphone arrays that, with DSP, can revolutionize audio installs. And did you know that the industry’s largest audio-over-IP “standard” (Dante) can now carry video over the network too?

So, if you’re in AV, consider the A-side and attend this webinar as Gary will explore where the money is and what the future holds as we transition to an AV-over-IP world.

View the webinar recording here.