Webinar | Audio Tech in Meeting and Conference Rooms

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Nothing in the world has gained the ProAV and UCC markets more attention than what Zoom did to help the world adapt during the new coronavirus shutdown. Zoom went from delivering an average of just under 10 million video calls per day to more than 300 million per day — in fewer than six weeks!

So, now, everyone knows who they are, what we do and what video collaboration is. But did you consider that the best video collaboration is useless without good-quality audio? Often referred to as the stepchild of video, audio is the key to good meetings. You can always have a virtual meeting without video, but you can never have one without audio. Those who have been working from home the past two months have benefited and suffered from the best and worst of audio via video-collaboration platforms.

We should all now have a greater appreciation for audio that always works.  As we head back into work this summer, one thing is for sure. If your client had an office space with three eight-person conference rooms before COVID-19, you’ll likely see that change — that could mean expanding from three conference rooms to five conference rooms and, at the same time, constricting seating from eight people to four people. So the UCC audio market will grow. Couple that with the need for all of us to have better at-home video and audio when we are forced to work from home again, and you have a market ripe for explosive growth!

Are you up to date on all the latest audio for video? This webinar with rAVe’s own Gary Kayye is designed to cover everything you didn’t know about audio for video collaboration. We’ll even do a LIVE demo of what works and what doesn’t.

View webinar recording here.