Waves Offers Dugan Automixer + Dugan Speech Plugin Bundle

Waves Audio just debuted its Dugan Automixer + Dugan Speech plugin bundle. Using these two plugins for auto-mixing several mics in real time (one for the eMotion LV1 mixer and one for other live consoles via MultiRack) makes mixing microphones simple. Dugan Speech and Dugan Automixer are a solution for broadcast news panels, radio and TV talk shows, houses of prayer, motion picture dialog recording, discussion panels and any other situation involving numerous microphones and participants.

In this package, users get the Dugan Speech plugin for integrated use inside the eMotion LV1 mixing console, and the Dugan Automixer plugin for use with other major consoles via the MultiRack plugin host. Developed with pro audio inventor Dan Dugan, both Dugan plugins are powered by his patented voice-activated process.

The Dugan plugins save the need to manually ride faders while trying to keep up with several people talking. They can auto-mix up to 64 channels simultaneously and make perfectly matched crossfades, without compression or noise gates that would cause unwanted artifacts. They also reduce noise, feedback and comb filtering from neighboring microphones, ensuring consistent overall gain even when numerous speakers are talking simultaneously.

Dugan Speech is here and the bundle is here.