Waves Audio Releases New Improved Version of its SoundGrid Studio Software

waves audio soundgrid studio

Waves Audio is now shipping the new, enhanced version of its SoundGrid Studio software for real-time audio processing and networking. SoundGrid Studio is the software used to control a Waves SoundGrid-powered system for real-time recording and monitoring, plug-in DSP offload for mixing and flexible audio networking.

SoundGrid allows producers, engineers and musicians to:

  • Record and monitor with plug-ins in real-time, at ultra-low latency of only 0.8 milliseconds, by combining
  • SoundGrid Studio software with a SoundGrid audio interface and a SoundGrid DSP server.
  • Mix plug-in-rich sessions, by offloading all plug-in processing from your main computer to a SoundGrid DSP server.
  • Collaborate with other producers and musicians, by connecting different computers, audio interfaces, hardware synths and other studio devices in a flexible, scalable open system.

The new SoundGrid Studio software includes significant updates to both the SoundGrid Studio control panel and the included eMotion ST studio mixer:

  • A new control room section that allows you to toggle easily between multiple sources and multiple monitors.
  • New advanced headphone monitoring options, allowing you to create up to 16 personalized headphone mixes for musicians.
  • Newly added ability to stream audio between up to 14 audio interfaces, and to share the same audio interface between multiple computers.
  • Updated interface for both the SoundGrid Studio control panel and the eMotion ST mixer, with a new layered design, an updated patch bay and more.
  • The ability to stream up to 128 plug-in channels from the included StudioRack plug-in chainer.
  • Full compatibility with the Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 and Nx plug-ins, for spatial 3D headphone monitoring.
  • Full compatibility with the latest V11 version of all Waves plug-ins.

SoundGrid Studio comes in four configurations: a free version with eight channels of the eMotion ST mixer, and the option to upgrade to premium versions with 16, 32 and 64 channels.

The free eight-channel version of SoundGrid Studio can be downloaded here.