Waves Audio Kaleidoscopes Plug-In Now Available

waves audio kaleidoscope

Waves Audio has released the Kaleidoscopes plug-in. Waves Kaleidoscopes is a suite of phaser, flanger, chorus and tremolo sounds. The plug-in’s unique Dual Cascade engines enable you to combine or “cascade” any two effects for different textures. The plug-in also features intelligent triggers that respond dynamically to your playing in real-time. Kaleidoscopes is a secret weapon to make drums, vocals, synths and guitars move and breathe.

Kaleidoscopes is the cumulative result of over half a century of recorded music. Waves has handpicked all-time-favorite analog effects from different eras — ’60s phasing and tape flanging, ’70s stadium tremolo-guitar vibes and ’80s chorus.

Furthermore, Kaleidoscopes’ Dual Cascade architecture gives you two FX engines, which you can “cascade” serially into one another for unique effects or, alternatively, run in parallel for super-wide soundscapes.

You can choose a selection of waveshapes or any sidechain signal from your DAW session to be the modulation input on each of the two engines. You can even select your performance as the input, allowing your live playing to control the sound in real-time and drive the pulsing effect.

You can control the speed, resonance, width and depth of the modulation, plus filter settings and mix knobs for extreme versatility. You can also choose from five different effect “characters” for different analog flavors, and tempo-sync the modulation effect to your DAW session to keep things consistent every time you reopen your song.

For example, imagine a chorus being fed into a tremolo, modulated by an external input signal. Or try a randomly modulated slow flanger running in parallel with an aggressive tempo-synced phaser. Let Kaleidoscopes’ effects dance with each other, and you’ll hear sounds refract into surprising colors and shapes.

Since Waves built this plug-in for musicians, producers and engineers, there is an added THRU mode for that stompbox sound, with the dry signal on one channel and the wet signal on the other.

With its Trigger section, Waves’ Kaleidoscopes plug-in becomes an extension of your playing. By setting input-sensitive envelopes and adjusting intelligent triggers, you enable the two effects to “listen” to your playing and respond dynamically, expressing nuances of emotion and feel. With this section activated, Kaleidoscopes becomes a personalized musical instrument, modifying its character in real-time based on how intensely or lightly, fast or slow you sing or play.

Kaleidoscopes features:

  • Phaser, flanger, chorus and tremolo super-suite.
  • Best-of palette of analog modulation sounds based on studio classics.
  • Secret weapon to make drums, vocals, synths and guitars move and breathe.
  • Unique Dual Cascade architecture: “cascade” any two effects in series or run them in parallel for deeper soundscapes.
  • Intelligent Triggering responds dynamically to your playing in real-time.
  • Selectable modulation sources: input, sidechain & diverse waveshapes
  • Speed, resonance, width, depth and mix controls per modulation engine.
  • Five different effect characters for diverse analog flavors.
  • THRU mode for the musician-favorite “Wet/Dry” rig effect.

Kaleidoscopes is included in Waves’ Mercury, Pro Show and SD7 Pro Showbundles.