Waves Audio Ships the Element 2.0 Virtual Analog Synth

wave-element-1215Waves Audio is now shipping the Element 2.0 Virtual Analog Synth, an analog-style polyphonic instrument. Marketed as the first synthesizer to take advantage of the next generation of Waves’ Virtual Voltage technology, Element 2.0 includes five integrated effects, a 16-step sequencer, MIDI learn for all controls and a massive, fully tweakable preset library.

Waves Element 2.0 features:
  • High resolution oscillators and analog envelope behavior
  • Filters with zero-delay feedback
  • Effects include delay, reverb, distortion, chorus and two distinct crushers
  • Keep the legacy: choose between Element 1 and Element 2 modes at the click of a button
  • 16-step sequencer with Hold and Retrigger modes that can be used as a modulation source
  • Use as a plugin or as a standalone application

For more information, go here.