Waves Audio Adds New CA3000-MX Commercial Audio Mixer

waves audio commercial audio line

Waves Audio expands its Commercial Audio line with the introduction of the CA3000-MX Commercial Audio Mixer. Waves CA3000-MX is a new install-ready audio mixer and processing engine that is for single-room and multizone AV installations. CA3000-MX offers powerful mixing and built-in processing capabilities that can upgrade the sound of any installed audio system; it also offers the option to expand processing, by adding plugins from Waves’ massive catalog. The CA3000-MX system is compatible with standard ASIO audio or Dante network configurations.

CA3000-MX claims to be ideal for any corporate, commercial, government, educational or house-of-worship installation that demands a high level of audio quality and advanced processing flexibility. Housed in a compact half-width 2U rack-mount chassis, CA3000-MX couples a powerful digital audio processing engine with an install-ready version of the industry-proven Waves eMotion LV1 mixer, supporting up to 32 stereo inputs, 24 stereo aux mix outputs plus L/R/C/M outs, and a 12×8 stereo matrix.

CA3000-MX integrates with standard ASIO audio device drivers, or with Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS) audio networking.

CA 3000-MX features:

  • Studio-grade audio processing quality for AV installations
  • License includes an install-ready version of the Waves eMotion LV1audio mixer
  • Integrate quickly with your choice of vendor audio preamps, mics, line sources and amplifiers/speakers
  • ASIO-compatible (USB or Ethernet)
  • Dante-compatible (1Gb Ethernet port)
  • Two versions available: 32 or 16 mono/stereo inputs
  • Up to 24 stereo aux mix and L/R/C/M outputs
  • 12×8 mono/stereo matrix
  • Includes eMo D5 Dynamics, eMo F2 Filter, eMo Q4 Equalizer, eMo Generator plugins
  • Integrates smoothly with the Dugan Speech plugin
  • Supports integrator addition of Waves plugins
  • Control pre-configured, customized scenes with mRecall mobile app
  • Integrator configuration: USB and HDMI/DisplayPort
  • Operating environment: Windows 10 and Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS) included
  • Half-width, 2U rack- or surface-mount chassis