Waves Audio Announces X9 With More Processing Power

wavesaudio iseWaves Audio announces X9 versions with more processing power for three SoundGrid DSP Servers. With X9, users now get more processing power for the same price; these three units have been updated with 9th-generation Intel Core CPU, for processing audio through hundreds of plugins at ultra-low latency.

Waves immediately starts shipping Intel 9th-generation processors with the SoundGrid Extreme Server-C Server, a compact and powerful, light and robust DSP unit that effortlessly processes hundreds of SoundGrid-compatible plugins in real-time, live or in the studio — taking only half the width of a standard rack. It features eight Core Intel Coffee Lake i7-9700 CPU and 8GB RAM.

Shortly after, Waves will start shipping two more server models with the new 9th-generation processors: the full-rack SoundGrid Extreme Server (which offers the same specs as the half-rack SoundGrid Extreme Server-C in a full-rack profile); and the SoundGrid Server One-C (a compact, lightweight and tough DSP unit that relieves your computer from plugin processing), which features four Core Intel Coffee lake i3-9100 CPU and 8 GB RAM.

Used in pro studios and tours, SoundGrid DSP servers enable you to run Waves and other SoundGrid-compatible plugins in real-time, on as many channels as you have. Waves’ Gen-9 SoundGrid servers are a massive upgrade to any studio or live mixing system, allowing audio engineers to unleash their creative mixing powers without limits.

Look here for all the specs.