WAT’s Thin, Thin Speakers Get Fat Funding

WAT Speakers 0410

Warwick Audio Technologies WAT-Speakers-0410just received £1.5 million (British Pounds) to develop its “Bend-it-Like Beckham” speaker technology.  WAT developed “flat flexible laminate” (FFL) speakers and launches its first commercial product this year. Between 0.25 to 1mm thick, the FFL speaker is lightweight and flexible enough to fit into most contoured spaces (such as car interiors or anywhere space is at a premium) – including being built into drywall.

WAT is a spinout from the University of Warwick’s technology transfer office Warwick Ventures, with funding from Porton Capital and Birmingham-based Mercia Technology Fund.

The investment has been led by Finance Wales with £600,000 equity. But for that amount of money, you have to go to Wales to spend it: the spinout company coincidentally plans to establish an engineering and prototype manufacturing HQ facility in South Wales. OK, it’s part of the investment deal but it’s a fat deal for thin speaker technology.

For more details on the technology, go to:  http://www.warwickaudiotech.com/content.php?menu_id=3