Waterfall Audio Launches Niagara XT Line of Loudspeakers

waterfall audio niagara xt

Waterfall Audio just launched a new line of loudspeakers, the Niagara XT. The new range — three models — in glass with a wooden horn and Nappa leather top. Recently, Waterfall Audio also debuted the new JETSTREAM damping technology, which has been developed to control damping in its range of floor-standing glass loudspeakers, including Niagara, Iguascu and Victoria. Boasting a significant improvement in both design and technical aspects, JETSTREAM redefines and maximizes performance levels and allows deeper and faster bass with a smother response in the midrange.

In addition, Waterfall just debuted the Pro Custom Series, including the LCR500 and SUB600S. The LCR500’s power handling means that it is intended for room sizes between 40 to 100m². Its total depth (21 cm) is equivalent to the depth of the SUB600S and makes it easy to integrate behind an acoustically transparent screen. The dynamic capacities of 2 x LCR500 and 2X SUB600S, as a 2.2 setup, will be on demo and powered by Waterfall exclusive RS700 DSP AMP.