Watch This! SDS Helps Create Social-Distancing Visual Queues

SDSHere’s, yet another, creative way projection is being used to help people remain socially distant: SDS — the Smart Distancing System, uses a camera and projection to create social-distancing visual queues in the form of shapes.

Watch this video to see how it works:

Using AI and visually attractive shapes, social distancing can, theoretically, be more enjoyable, more beautiful and above all, more functional. Marking distances and spaces by using tape and stickers will become unnecessary.

A combination of motion tracking technology and computer directed lasers show a lively interplay of lines on the floor, depending on people’s presence. This way, people can move safely through public spaces such as: train stations, airports, museums, shopping malls, etc.

Here are a few visual application examples: by using circles, the one-and-a-half meter zones can be shown around multiple people. While another way is to show the absolute distance in between two people by using lines. The software is under own management and will be widely available soon.

Here are some limited details on the system: