Want to Send DisplayPort Signals up to 8K Over 5 Miles for Less Than $1200? DVIGear Can Do That!

dvigear dvi 7380

DVIGear has introduced the DVI-7380, a cost-effective DisplayPort Optical Extender that supports a wide array of signal types, provides long-distance extension over a single fiber cable and boosts ultra-high resolutions up to 8K (UHD) at 30Hz (4:4:4).

The DVI-7380 supports DisplayPort 1.4 HBR3 signals with data rates up to 8.1Gbps/channel (32.4Gbps aggregate), resolutions up to 8K /30p, embedded audio, bidirectional IR, RS-232 and two 10/100 BaseT Ethernet ports, using only a single fiber optic cable. It can extend these signals over cable distances of more than 5.0 miles (> 8,000 meters) using Single-Mode Fiber and up to 1000 feet. (~ 300 meters) using Multi-Mode Fiber.

The extender set consists of an optical transmitter unit and an optical receiver unit. The transmitter converts the AV signals into light pulses for transmission over a single strand of Multi-Mode or Single-Mode fiber optic cable. The receiver converts the light pulses back to AV signals for the display, as well as other downstream devices. By using advanced fiber optic technology, without any compression, this product claims to provide “superior picture quality over greater distances than other extension methods, such as copper cables or CatX extenders.” Moreover, optical fiber transmission is immune to environmental signal noise, thus providing a low RFI / EMI profile for sensitive applications where security is an important concern. Together, these features make the DVI-7380 the ideal, cost-effective solution for system designers and integrators who need to extend high-resolution DisplayPort signals over extreme distances with flawless image quality. The DVI-7380 Extender is available for immediate delivery and lists for only $1140 per set.