WAND Releases New Digital Menu Board Features

wand-digitalmenu-0615WAND Corporation has integrated new features to its Digital Menu Boards. The new capabilities are designed for multi-unit restaurant operations, making it easy for them to make menu changes and manage promotional content across multiple restaurants. The new features also allow corporate marketing teams to give the appropriate level of control to individual operators in specific markets so they can capitalize on local conditions in real time.

Customers have been piloting the new WAND Digital Menu Board capabilities for the past few months and have seen increased operational efficiency and brand compliance as immediate benefits of the new system.

This software roll-out comes after WAND’s early-2015 release of other new advanced features which included; a new mobile application to easily make menu updates anytime and anywhere, an Uptime Plus feature ensuring content will appear in front of customers at all time and a POS pricing integration system ensuring the price on the menu boards always matches what the customer sees.

Here are the details.