Wallin to Intro New Digital Signage Products at ISE

wallin-apps-1216The new Wallin ONE digital signage solution is specifically designed to simplify creating content- the part of digital signage that integrators usually don’t do. An app market, included within the Wallin ecosystem, enables the user to choose the content (such as social media, news and so on) to appear on-screen to create or enrich engaging, interactive consumer experiences.

Because it is cloud-based and uses HTML5, Wallin ONE provides several advantages. No special hardware platform is required, making it very affordable, with prices starting at only €20 ($25US)/month. It can be managed from any Internet-connected device via Wallin’s simple, intuitive Wallin ONE is also easily scalable as a business’s needs grow.

Also to debut at ISE is something they are calling WallSign. WallSign is a multi-channel cloud or on-premise content management system (CMS) for digital signage that allows customization, deployment, scheduling and monitoring of content across a network of digital displays.

WallSign allows users to manage thousands of different digital signage platforms from any Internet-connected device, and is the first such CMS to enable the import of dynamic content from social media – such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – as well as images, video, RSS feeds, live news, calendars and so on. Importantly, it is digital signage player-agnostic, meaning that large, heterogeneous, multi-manufacturer networks can be integrated into a single solution via a simple web interface.

The integration of proximity sensors like beacons and NFC is simplified by WallSign, allowing users to trigger an action on screens and mobile devices and enabling them to create compelling, engaging interactive experiences. Here are the details.