WALL-SMART Now Shipping Flush Mounts Customized for Apple iPad Mini 6 Tablet

WALL SMART shipping flush mounts Apples iPad Mini 6 tabletsWALL-SMART is shipping flush mounts customized for Apple’s recently released iPad Mini 6 tablet. You can order it with or without an audio grille for installation in drywall during construction and mounts with bezels for retrofit applications as well as mounts for installation in solid surfaces like marble, wood and concrete are available.

WALL-SMART’s new flush mounts for the iPad Mini 6 provide secure and stationary placement of a product. The tablet can be easily inserted and removed from the mount and a built-in USB adapter keeps it fully charged.

The iPad Mini 6 offerings are constructed of moisture-resistant, chemically treated MDF and install similar to that of any drywall application. In addition to drywall and plaster, the mounts can be recessed into solid surfaces, including concrete, brick, wood, marble, glass and metal. The mount can be oriented vertically or horizontally, and its bezel or trim can be painted to match the wall surface.