WALL-SMART Offers Mounting Hardware for Seamless Access Point Installation

wallsmart APmount

WALL-SMART now offers systems integrators mounting hardware that makes Wi-Fi access points (AP) disappear. Customized for several leading AP brands, including Araknis, Ruckus, Ubiquiti, and Savant network AI powered by Juniper APs, the mounts enable a device that ordinarily protrudes from the ceiling to be hidden within the surface. The cover included with the mount can be painted to match the ceiling surface, rendering the AP less conspicuous. Thanks to this ingenious design, integrators can deliver high-performance Wi-Fi connectivity without compromising the aesthetics of the customer’s home environment.

WALL-SMART’s AP mounts offer systems integrators an effective alternative to hiding access points in closets or behind furniture. Without design limitations, access points can be ideally located for optimal Wi-Fi coverage and customer satisfaction.

Every detail is addressed in the engineering, design and fabrication of the custom AP mounts to ensure a precise fit, finish and uncompromising performance. The mounts promote ventilation to protect the access point from overheating and can be installed in any orientation to serve new construction and retrofit projects. The cover of the mount can be removed without difficulty, allowing easy access to the AP for service or upgrades.