Wall-Smart Collaborated with URC for New Retrofit Construction Mount

Wall-Smart has announced a new partnership with URC, offering new construction and retrofit mounts available through URC sales channels.

The New Construction Flush mounts for URC TKP-7600, TKP-5600 and TKP-100 integrate into any wall for unobtrusive installations that preserve the room décor. These Flush mounts can simply be painted any color to truly appear to be part of the wall and create a uniform look and feel.

The Retrofit mounts for URC TKP-7600 and TKP-5600 offer a new kind of ease-of-installation, with a very quick and straightforward installation process. The mounts allow easy upgrades from older touch screens, without the need to do any drywall or paintwork. The mounted touchscreen remains accessible for service and maintenance while maintaining a high level of aesthetics and integration.

Here are the tech details.