VuWall Updates TRx Centralized Multi-Video Wall Management System

vuwall trx 2.5VuWall today announced an update to its TRx Centralized Multi-Video Wall Management System, version 2.5. This release includes three new security capabilities that strengthen the VuWall system: Transport Layer Security (TLS) between the TRx GUI and TRx Server, improved user rights management and more KVM modes.

VuWall’s TRx Version 2.5 updates include:

  • TLS between TRx GUI and TRx Server. By using TLS and HTTPS, VuWall ensures that all the communication between the VuWall server and all TRx clients is encrypted to protect against man-in-the-middle attacks — such as eavesdropping — and prevent hackers from accessing communication and manipulating the system. This feature is configurable, allowing users to provide their own encryption keys and distribute them only to clients they trust. With this strengthened encryption implementation, IT managers and security officers can mitigate system threats.
  • User rights management. Updated user rights management allows administrators to more finely tune permissions. Users and groups can be restricted by floor, zone, or endpoint (source/display), and whether that user/group can join with video, audio or USB keyboard/mouse. Users can also be restricted against saving new presets, creating new control panels, writing scripts, and more. Permissions are even available to allow users/groups to create, but not delete resources or rename them. These tools allow for powerful and easy-to-configure control over access to parts of the system and AV network.
  • Private mode. In a KVM environment, private mode secures content on the network by assigning absolute privacy. As a result, only the source owner, whether a presenter or a control room operator, can authorize where the content is displayed, ensuring complete control of any source. Private mode locks a source to a given user once displayed, prevents other users from routing that source elsewhere or removing it from the display it has been joined to and notifies and allows users to accept or deny requests to take over private joins from other users.
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VuWall’s TRx is an AV network management solution for configuring and operating multiple video walls, multi-viewers, encoders, and decoders. TRx simplifies the deployment of complex AV-over-IP networks. It not only supports all VuWall products, but also third-party devices. TRx is also compatible with H.264 streams that are accessible over RTSP.

TRx 2.5 will be demonstrated at ISE 2020 in VuWall booth 15-K250 and they are here.

Here is a clip from ISE 2020 discussing VuWall updates: