VuWall Just Packaged Gary Kayye’s Digital Canvas Concept Inside Its VuTrex Platform

VuWallVuWall announced VuTrex technology Wednesday — a solution to bridge AV, IT and IP systems to manage and control any visual content across any type of display or video wall. VuTrex is now embedded in each component of the VuWall ecosystem of products. Basically, this means that, no matter the source (AV or IP-based) it can be displayed, resized, moved and tiled on to any display — like a Digital Canvas.

The Digital Canvas is a concept that I’ve been talking about since 2016 when I began giving my keynote on 4K. You can watch the latest version of my 4K keynote as a webinar here. I’ve also talked about the Digital Canvas concept in my Kayye’s Krystal Ball article in 2017 and elsewhere about how it can be used for education and presentations.

VuTrex is the architecture and methodology that is at the core of every software component in the VuWall ecosystem and it’s responsible for the ecosystem’s interoperability, expandability and simple configuration, without the need for programming.

Here’s a video explaining it:

Next week’s release of TRx 3.0, VuWall’s Centralized Management Platform, will offer of a single software platform that can distribute AV-over-IP content and provide video wall management and control of that content. Its redesigned architecture, powered by VuTrex technology, can manage multiple sources in any source format and route them to single displays or multiple video walls, without any programming.

VuTrex is also embedded in VuWall’s hardware components, including its VuScape video wall controller and the VuStream series of encoders and decoders.