VuWall Introduces VuStation KVM Solution for Personal Video Walls

At ISE, VuWall is showing VuStation, a KVM solution for personal video walls, that allows for multi-source control inside the operator’s personal working space.

VuStation enables the operator to visualize and control multiple sources from a single station with a single keyboard and mouse. With VuStation the operator can open independent source windows on his computer almost as if they were local applications. When he moves his mouse on one of these source windows, his keyboard and mouse become automatically active on that specific source computer and when he moves to another source window, he takes control of that other source. This is still valid even if the source computers are on segregated networks.

The main advantage of VuStation, is that it allows operators to have a mix of source windows and local application windows and arrange their operational work space without having to reconfigure the KVM settings to control the remote sources.

Key features of VuStation:

  • Control multiple windows within one or multiple surface(s)
  • Seamlessly control all sources with one keyboard and mouse
  • Customizable view of all windows on your desk

VuWall is here.