A VuWall / IHSE Partnership Will Bring Virtual Video Walls to Everyone

IHSE announced a partnership with VuWall, a provider of virtual video walls software and systems, for the integration of the IHSE KVM matrix and VuWall systems to control and visualize all sources from the matrix switcher onto the video wall. With this system, multiple sources can be switched and displayed simultaneously on the video wall. With VuWall’s interface, operators have all data and information on screen from a single user interface. It’s also possible to mix in other sources from other systems, such as IP streams, applications and websites.

The combined offering creates an interesting distribution category for the audio and video integration market at a time when those in the broadcast, entertainment and government command-and-control verticals are seeking more AV-over-IP system solutions. This interface gives the operators complete control from a single surface and also allows operators to resize all windows across the complete input range and access multiple sources even if they are on segregated networks. Interfaces can be set up in any configuration with operator-accessible templates and groups.

This solution enables full end-to-end creation, management, production, and distribution of quality live video, combined with graphical overlays used in broadcast master control and C4ISR command centers.

IHSE USA is here and VuWall is here.