VUE Intros h-Class of High Definition of Loudspeakers

VUE Audiotechnik just launched the h-Class family of high definition powered systems. The hm-108A is a precision slant stage monitor and is a narrow dispersion sibling to VUE’s h-8.

The h-8N, with its narrow 60-degree coverage, adds another level of versatility to the h-Class range, while dramatically expanding applications for VUE’s flagship technologies. The driver complement is identical to the h-8, with a precision-engineered 8-inch transducer that’s  combined with a neodymium compression driver capable of unparalleled high-frequency performance thanks to the Truextent beryllium diaphragm at its core.

Also new is the hm-108A, an ultra-compact stage monitoring system that benefits from the same 8-inch transducer and beryllium-infused compression driver as the h-8 and h-8N. Designed specifically for maximum transparency, the hm-108A is ideally suited for critical foldback applications including legitimate theater, choir, orchestra or anywhere that absolute fidelity trumps raw, unbridled horsepower.

Both models of the h-8, as well as the hm-108A, feature powerful onboard VUEDrive electronics benefiting from a state of-the-art digital signal processor that’s explicitly programmed for each unique transducer/cabinet combination. In addition, dual-channel, high-efficiency Class D amplification deliver ample power while eliminating the need for noisy cooling fans.

Drivers and electronics for all h-Class models are housed in a robust birch enclosure with extensive interior bracing for resonant free operation. Like the h-8, the new h-8N also incorporates M10 rigging points and an integrated pole-mount for both portable and fixed installation applications.

Both new models feature the h-Class aesthetic, with grill and handle surrounds that benefit from a two-part finish that lays a coat of transparent candy-apple red over a black base for a deep hue that’s uniquely VUE. The signature look is completed with a heavy aluminum rear panel/amplifier assembly with machined “VUE” logo integrated into the heat sinks.

Here are the details.