Vivitek’s Qumi Q3 Is a 500-Lumen, 720p Pico Home Theater Projector That Runs Two Hours on One Charge

medium_vivitek_q3_plus_color_combo-0916The Qumi Q3 Plus is an ultra-portable LED smart projector with an Android OS. Despite being only slightly bigger than a smartphone in size and weighing just 460 grams, the Qumi Q3 Plus can project a large widescreen image up to 100” diagonal that’s 720p resolution and it claims 500 lumen brightness with a 5,000:1 contrast ratio. Using a 30,000 hours LED light-source lifetime and a 1.5GHz quad-core CPU running the Android v.4.42 OS, the Qumi Q3 Plus uses a 8,000mAh rechargeable battery which delivers up to two hours of projection time.

By providing cable-free projection of content from iOS or Android mobile phones and tablets, the Wi-Fi functionality enables users to connect to a web browser. Easy access to preloaded online streaming content provider apps enables users to watch movies or TV programs via services like Netflix and YouTube, without having to use a mobile phone or set-top box.

Available in four colors (white, black, red, gold), the Q3 Plus offers Bluetooth connectivity enabling sound to be transmitted from the projector to a compatible headphone or an external speaker for increased volume.

Here are all the specs on the £429 projector.