Vivitek’s NovoConnect With LauncherPlus Poised to Catch Barco’s ClickShare

In the five or so years since Barco debuted the ClickShare, no company has had anything significant, as a stand-alone packaged product, which comes close to the simplicity and compatibility of their BYOD solution. The ClickShare likely has a more than 70 percent market share of this segment even though there have been a half-dozen or so copycats of that product — the most famous, of which, was KanexPro’s MyTurn that was launched at ISE 2017 and was quickly seized by a Dutch Court-appointed bailiff on day one of the ISE show last year. What made the MyTurn exciting was that it was a button-based solution — mimicking the simplicity of the ClickShare.

And, even though Barco and KanexPro settled their patent infringement dispute, it was not to be as the agreement included ceasing the distribution and sale of its MyTurn wireless presentation system in Europe and the US.

But last year at ISE, Vivitek launched its NovoConnect series of wireless collaboration products — and it includes a button-style feature called LauncherPlus.

And, even though having a USB-conencted button seems overly-simple, that’s the beauty of the ClickShare and, thus, what could make the Vivitek solution a winner.

Available in three flavors, the NovoConnect includes screen mirroring, BYOD collaboration, file sharing, connectivity from one to 64-sources/participants and iOS as well as Android wireless compatibility (AirPlay and Google Casting). And, they have a stand-alone, professional and enterprise-level product (depending on what level of network security and compatibility you want) and all meet ISO21118 standards. Oh, and one that even outputs 4K (3840 x 2160, too).

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Soooo, I am interested, now that Vivitek is shipping, to see the attention it receives at ISE in a couple of weeks. Aren’t you?