Vivitek Introduces NovoStage Collaboration Software for Windows To Allow For Multiscreen Presentation

Vivitek NovostageVivitek introduced NovoStage, a Windows-based wireless collaboration software solution, to enable users to present to multiple screens simultaneously on the main display. NovoStage combines applications like Zoom and content from Windows Computers and iPads. Engineered to be compatible with content from iOS, MacOS, Android, Windows, Chromebook and Ubuntu, NovoStage transforms any Windows Display into a collaboration solution with a software install.

Following a three-step process, “Install, Connect, Show,” NovoStage software is loaded to the Windows display to then receive content in one of four ways: via NovoConnect Software, Airplay, LauncherPlus or the Vivitek Web portal. NovoStage facilitates BYOD to enable users to connect instantly and share up to four devices and their content. Unlike competitor solutions, NovoStage works with any Windows 10 based device, ranging from all sizes of a laptop to large format displays.

Business users of NovoStage can use it to create a collaborative meeting environment with their Windows-based flat panel displays. An alternative option for NovoStage users is to collaborate on the fly by “carrying” NovoStage on their laptops, enabling their laptops to serve as a collaborative environment in any location (utilizing the same Wi-Fi network).

NovoStage is engineered to be compatible with learning management software like Google G-suite or Blackboard. Schools and universities can turn any area equipped with a display and OPS slot into a collaborative study space in study spaces. Outside of the business and education sector, those hosting and attending training and workshop sessions can also benefit from NovoStage. Trainers can “carry” it on their laptops to a training location and enable participants to connect to NovoStage.

NovoStage is designed in line with Vivitek’s Novo Ecosystem, which comprises four categories, including Add-On Devices, All-in-One Solutions, Launcher and Software/Cloud applications. NovoStage is not dependent on other Vivitek solutions to perform and boost collaboration as it works on any Windows display to offer instant wireless collaboration.

NovoStage is available now from £225 MSRP ex VAT.