Vivitek Targets IWB Market with New NovoBoard Whiteboard Frame Adapter


Vivitek has launched NovoBoard, a new, adjustable interactive whiteboard proximity frame. The NovoBoard frame can be installed on any school whiteboard to turn the surface to be interactive with the combination of a projector. With its built in IR LED optical sensing system, NovoBoard enables two users to write simultaneously on the board using a finger or stylus pen. Simple to install and operate, NovoBoard is a good solution for schools and academies looking for a cost effective way to add touch screen technology to their classrooms. Key features of the NovoBoard include an easy to install and lightweight design, an adjustable frame size from 69” to 95” and a plug and play USB port.

NovoBoard also comes bundled with free NovoTeach software for a complete interactive learning experience. NovoTeach is an interactive whiteboard (IWB) software package that is designed especially for teaching at all learning levels, whether classroom teaching or lecture material preparation. With multipoint-sensing enabled and a Vivitek interactive projector, it is an effective and powerful tool that offers a new blueprint for future-proof interactive learning.

The NovoBoard Small, 69″-80” lists for about $800 USD and the NovoBoard Large, 80″-95” is about $1,100 USD. You can find out more information about both here.