Vivitek Launches NovoAmbassador Program

Fremont, Calif. – March 16, 2017 – Vivitek, a brand of Delta and a leading manufacturer of visual display and presentation products, has announced the NovoAmbassador Program, an extension of the NovoAssurED Program, and the Professional Services Team.

The NovoAmbassador Program is a combined grant and customer engagement community designed to identify and unify educators interested in enhancing and developing digital collaboration curriculum and instruction. Through the NovoAmbassador Program, Vivitek is seeking individual teachers who are interested in new, innovative technology and joining a nationally recognized education network. NovoAmbassadors will work with Vivitek’s Professional Services Team to provide industry and product feedback, as well as serve as active ambassadors to other teachers, and will receive a NovoAssurED Bundle for use in their classrooms for free.

The NovoAssurED Program, a joint venture of Vivitek, Starin Marketing and Purdue University, has a mission to provide teachers with an easy-to-use superior technology and the support resources they need to engage their students in meaningful digital learning experiences. NovoAssurED supports the integration of 1:1 or BYOD wireless sharing technology into classrooms while promoting classroom collaboration in a previously impossible way. Gaining greater student engagement with digital lesson plans and having less work to do at the end of the day is a key objective of the NovoAssurED program. The NovoAssurED Bundle features the Vivitek NovoPro, NovoTeach Software, NovoCommon Ambassador Community and NovoPassport, a learning portal through Purdue University.