Vivitek Intros NovoTouch EK Series of Collaboration Boards for Education

Vivitek NovoTouch EK Series Vivitek’s NovoTouch EK Series is a collaboration board aimed specifically at the education markets. The new NovoTouch EK Series interactive flat panels combine wireless collaboration, a digital whiteboard and active digital signage into one display in sizes ranging from 65″, 75″ to 86″. The displays are native 4K-UHD (3840×2160) resolution, and include wireless mirroring (Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS platforms) as well as Vivitek’s digital white board functionality that enables users to write on the screen, annotate over displayed content.

One unique feature to the EK series is a screen recording feature called NT Minute, which captures everything on the NovoTouch screen as a video clip. This function enables teachers and lecturers to write on the screen and create their own teaching materials that can be saved for use later. Vivitek’s NT Live allows real-time screen duplication to multiple NovoTouch screens in the virtual Hub, which is ideal for classes or groups that need to be split across two classrooms.

To ensure that the NovoTouch offers value on their investment to educational institutions outside of lessons and lectures, it also doubles up as an announcement board, thanks to its built-in NovoDS, a digital signage solution that is easy to use without any programming skills. With NovoDS included, the NovoTouch EK Series can be used to communicate important or useful information in between lessons, ranging from school notices, sport activities updates or results, club event information or information about classroom or lesson changes. Messages can be created using a flexible playlist and with dynamic content ranging from text, audio, photos and videos to webpages, Twitter, RSS feeds, Google Calendar, weather updates and more.

Here is a video demo of the NovoTouch EK Series for education:

The models are:

  • NovoTouch EK860i 86″ is £4,290 excl. VAT
  • NovoTouch EK750i 75” is £2,990 excl. VAT
  • NovoTouch EK650i 65” is £1,790 excl. VAT

Here are all the specs on the NovoTouch EK Series.