Vivitek Displays Chosen By ‘Education Other Than At School’ Program in Ireland resizeimage 3 4Vivitek has announced that 62 of its interactive NovoTouch displays have been selected by Education Other Than at School (EOTAS) Centres in Northern Ireland. The consultation and installation of the panels were conducted by IMEX, Vivitek’s reseller partner in Northern Ireland.

EOTAS Educational Centres were introduced to cater for children who find the mainstream education system challenging and require additional care and support to help them address and overcome social behavior and emotional welfare issues in a nurturing environment. The centers work with over 600 schools throughout Northern Ireland, assisting over 1,000 pupils a month to help them unlock their potential.

The Vivitek panels are being used in classrooms, technology rooms and catering rooms among others. Although they are being utilised in multiple ways, the primary use for the displays is for EOTAS’ educational applications, as well as for streaming and mirroring videos. Outside of education, the panels are also being used to play games which builds a sense of community and relationships between the students and the EOTAS staff.

The 23 EOTAS Centers have 61 Vivitek NovoTouch EK863i 86″ 4K UHD Interactive LCD Displays. This is an all-in-one collaborative 4K-UHD panel featuring wireless collaboration, digital signage and videoconferencing functions. This full-featured collaborative panel has been designed for teaching spaces, huddle rooms, meeting areas, reception areas and hospitality zones. Teachers and pupils are able to mirror or wirelessly share content from any device to the NovoDisplay, which is well suited for hybrid teaching with many videoconferencing apps pre-installed. During any idle time in between lessons, NovoDisplay can switch to Digital Signage mode and show relevant announcements or important information.

Since installation, the centers have seen student attendance increase. This could be due to the allure of digital content ranging from games and apps — as well as educational content — that resonates with them. The interactivity this encourages is in direct contrast to the dry whiteboards that were there previously, while the stylish panels also help to improve the aesthetics of the rooms they’re located in. Furthermore, for the many students who come from deprived backgrounds, the new displays demonstrate that EOTAS is a community that’s investing in their future, which is a further motivation for attending classes. Combined, this all helps students to become more curious about learning and further fuels their interest in education.

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“The whole process has been seamless and exemplary … Vivitek and IMEX have excelled on this project,” Martin Gormley, head of EOTAS Northern Ireland, said. “Even though the installations took place in over 20 centers across the whole of Northern Ireland, they were conducted on time and without hiccups. We’d recommend Vivitek and IMEX without a doubt. They made it feel like we were their only customers thanks to the support we received. It is apparent that they do care. This is especially significant when dealing with an area of education where there has been a feeling of neglect. IMEX made us feel special.”

The EOTAS has one NovoTouch 75-inch 4K UHD Interactive Flat Panel. Its anti-glare surface improves the screen visibility in high ambient light environments, while a 4-millimeter thick toughened glass provides added protection, which means it’s unlikely to be damaged by or cause harm to pupils playing near the screen unattended. The 4K resolution ensures image detail, which creates a much more attention-grabbing and immersive experience for pupils. It also offers Ultra HD 4K (3,840 x 2,160) resolution for outstanding details and stunning visuals and 75-inch display size. Users are able to manipulate content with up to 20 points of touch, common gesture interactivity and on-screen annotation. It also boasts LED-backlit technology for a brighter picture, a longer life (minimum of 30,000 hours) and lower energy cost.

The 20-point touch interactivity and annotation enables multiple students to participate, increasing participation. They even have the option to work from their own device which provides more flexibility (given some COVID restrictions limit movement in the classroom). Meanwhile, the displays are durable and long-lasting, giving budget-conscious education establishments long-term peace of mind in their investment.

“It’s a well-known fact that visual support lessons create a much more memorable educational experience for students, especially those who are not in mainstream education and who would benefit from different ways of learning,” Greg Mack, UK sales manager, Vivitek, said. “We’re thrilled to learn that Vivitek’s panels are playing a positive role in the education of the children attending the EOTAS centers in Northern Ireland. We hope that their presence will create an inclusive learning environment that enables children who may have struggled in mainstream schools to thrive not just in education, but later on in their private lives and professional careers.”