Vivitek Debuts Two Short Throw Projectors Aimed at ED Market, One Interactive

Vivitek is launching two new Ultra Short Throw (UST) projectors as part of the D770 Series at InfoComm 2019; both spec’d at 3500 lumen brightness and WXGA resolution — one is interactive. And, the both off the D770’s can project a 100-inch diagonal image from 16-inches away from the screen surface.

The DW770UST is the non-interactive model and the interactive DW771USTi supports multiple users interacting with it at the same time and dual-pen functionality as well as 10-point finger touch.

Both D770s have a number of eco-friendly, energy-saving features that helps reduce their carbon footprints. For instance, users can easily set up a sleep timer to turn off the projector and, if they forget, the projectors are engineered to turn off automatically if there is no signal input for a long period of time, thus preventing energy from being wasted. The D770 series also address this with a long-life (up to 12,000 hours of lamp operation time).

The DW771USTi will be available in June and the DW770UST in August, at a list price of £840 and £1,000, respectively. Vivitek is here (US) or here (EU).