Vivitek Debuts New 1-Chip DLPs That Output 27K Lumens for Large Venue Applications


Vivitek announced the D9000Z Series single-chip DLP laser projectors designed for large venues. According to the company, the D9000Z Series delivers up to 27,000 lumens of brightness using a blue laser, coupled with a color wheel. The D9000Z Series incorporates a high-end IC with de-interlacing, scaling, warping and edge-blending functionality to minimize delays and latency. In addition, it supports geometric adjustments like wall corner correction and linearity correction, pincushion and barrel as well as horizontal and vertical keystone correction. With the D9000Z Series, Vivitek says users can be confident that visuals will always be presented in the best possible light, captivating audiences and maximizing the impact of the message.

Vivitek says its PJ-Control software is a user interface to set up single or multiple projectors for best screen fit. This shortens the time for installation and helps to manage the installed projectors remotely. The company says the ViviCam App is a smartphone-based auto-calibration tool and helps to easily align multiple projectors, whether in edge-blending, warping or stacking installations. In addition, it balances the colors for a seamless image experience.

For System Integrators in the rental and staging markets, the D9000Z Series offers the flexibility to set and manage rental periods or various brightness levels to cover multiple use scenarios.

The D9000Z Series is available immediately and includes three models and price points: DU9057Z, £28,900; DU9055Z, £26,500; DU9053Z, £22,500