Vivitek Debuts DH768Z-UST Short Throw Projector Spec’d to Be Color Accurate

Vivitek just launched the DH768-UST, an addition to Vivitek’s existing D760Z Series (the DH765Z-UST and the DW763Z-UST) of Ultra Short Throw projectors. But Vivitek says the DH768Z-UST is designed for environments that need to replicate exact colors or shades — such as a museum or gallery that wants to project an image of a painting or another work of art in its true colors. Its ultra-short throw projector design features an embedded reflective mirror. This allows for a projection size of an 80″ to 150″ diagonal image from 40 centimeters (16-inches) away from the screen.

The DH768Z-UST is DLP-based 1080p and WXGA (1920×1200) resolution projector that uses a laser phosphor light engine that’s specified to deliver 3100 ANSI lumens of brightness at a 12,000:1 contrast ratio. The DH768Z-UST has a sealed optical engine that’s designed to minimize the impact of dust and, thus, it’s designed to deliver up to 20,000 hours of operational time.

For install, it includes a manual zoom and focus and connectivity includes two HDMI ports, component video, composite video, s-video and VGA-in/out.

The DH768Z-UST lists £2,210 ex VAT. Here are all the specs.