Vivitek Adds Three Projectors for Small Business and Education

Vivitek_DH833-0516Vivitek just launched the D830 series that includes three models; the DH833 and DX831 (spec’d at 4500 ANSI lumens and the DW832 at 5,000 ANSI lumens at resolutions of 1080p, XGA or WXGA, respectively.

The new Vivitek D830 series includes analog and digital (HDMI and MHL) connectivity and claim a contrast ratio of 15,000:1 and the series is aimed at SMB and education installations. The new Vivitek projectors use a 4000 hour lamp and all three include a Vivitek feature called Dynamic Eco Plus mode and Auto Power Off function when there is no signal input and are compatible with Crestron RoomView, Extron, AMX SSDP as well as network control.

One interesting feature of the entire series is the they can have the Vivitek NovoPRO added to allow for wireless connectivity and collaboration for up to 64 users in the room (think Barco ClickShare but for Vivitek). With NovoPRO as the hub, multiple devices can be connected fast and simple at one time, while four can be simultaneously projecting in a split screen. To make operation simpler, the optional Launcher allows for instantaneous screen sharing though this USB plug-and-play connected device.

All three projectors are priced under $,1000 and are all shipping. The NovoPro with four-input Launchers is about $999 and all of them are here.