Vivitek Announces Three New NovoTouch 4K Resolution Panels

VivitekVivitek has announced three new NovoTouch 4K resolution panels with both wireless collaborative touch and digital signage in one display. Aimed at both corporate and education users, the NovoTouch EK653i, NovoTouch EK753i and the NovoTouch EK863i give users the ability to choose between corporate or education modes and also include a switch between Wireless Collaboration and Signage; both modes allow for a touch as well as “non-touch” interactive experience during meetings.

For educators, NovoTouch includes whiteboard, wireless presentation, screen recording and G-Suite integration. In addition, further education apps (such as Canvas, Blackboard etc.) can be installed through the built-in App Store or manually.

For corporate users, videoconferencing apps (Zoom, Teams, Webex, etc.) are available and users can plug in a standard Windows OPS module to add the Windows environment (like Microsoft Office, Skype) natively to NovoTouch.

Both users will benefit from the NovoTouch panel’s faster touch screen response, making for a more seamless experience, while the thinner annotation lines ensure improved accuracy when highlighting or writing notes. Meeting and class participants will also appreciate the latest IPS-ADS panel technology, designed to deliver brilliant image quality with an anti-glare durable surface and 178° Hyper-Viewing Angle. On top of this, the graphical user interface (GUI) is rendered at 4K resolution, delivering a crisp viewing experience.

For hybrid meetings with on-site and remote participants are facilitated through videoconferencing and better audio performance from built-in 16-watt x2 speakers.

In addition, NT LiveScreen/NT LiveReceiver Screen offers duplication of the main screen over the corporate network out to other receiving screens. This feature is designed for meetings or groups that need to be split across separate locations, like different meeting rooms, facilitating safety during COVID-19 times. The full NT software package includes mirroring, screen recording and NovoDS Digital Signage. Teachers and meeting hosts can also create a customized interface, which enables them to personalize their home screen.

The new NovoTouch EK line includes Android 8.0 and Google G Suite, pre-installed, as well as multiple app options in the NT App store to cater to the education and corporate markets.

Connection from any device to the new NovoTouch displays can be done via the LaunchNovo site — a web browser that establishes instant wireless mirroring to the NovoTouch. Additionally, the NovoConnect App & Software and the optional USB Launcher modules offer direct connection wirelessly to NovoTouch, or any other Novo Ecosystem product.

IT managers will appreciate that the NovoTouch can integrate in the network using a dual network setting and can be managed centrally. Security is a priority with AES-256 encryption, and wireless security protocols, WEP, WAP, WAP2 to guarantee a user’s meeting is confidential, with options to facilitate even the highest Data Loss Prevention security standards. Further aiding installation, is NovoTouch’s built-in Novo OPS which is bundled with an 80 pin panel specified to the industry’s Intel standard, while there are increased I/O options with three HDMI-in 2.0 / 1 HDMI-Out and multiple USB2.0 and 3.0 connections.

The NovoTouch EK653i is available from £1,790 excluding VAT. The NovoTouch EK753i is available from £2,990 excluding VAT. The NovoTouch EK863i is available from £4,290 excluding VAT. Here are more specs: or