Vivitek Announces DU7000 Series of Large Venue Projectors


Vivitek has announced the DU7000 Series of large venue projectors. The series comprises the DU7099Z, DU7199Z and DU7299Z, each offering varying brightness levels. The company says the DU7000 Series is capable of maintenance-free operation for up to 30,000 hours with stable and constant brightness and has an IP6X sealed engine design.

By deploying Vivitek’s latest laser technology, the company claims the DU7000 Series provides brightness of up to 9,600 lumens, a 3,000,000:1 contrast ratio and color uniformity with color technology. The new projectors also shift away from manual lenses, with support for up to nine motorized lenses, including a new short throw lens 0.47-0.50 up to 5.3-8.20 for tight installation spaces. All lenses are fully motorized (lens shift, zoom, focus) except D86-04705 (lens shift only). Vivitek says the DU7000 series has lens positioning memory to quickly recall user-defined lens positions (lens shift) for easy setup and proportioned images.

Vivitek says the DU7000 Series offers up to 45% power consumption savings compared to the previous generation of models. At the same time, its laser light source is good for 30,000 hours of operation in Eco Mode with continuous 24/7 operation. With built-in color sensor technology, the projectors can automatically adjust the lighting to maintain constant and stable brightness over long periods.

Vivitek claims the DU7000 Series is perfectly suited to customers’ needs in the rental and staging markets. It can set a rental period, with the screen image blocked automatically when it expires. The company also says the DU7000 Series offers installation convenience, including camera assist color calibration by smartphone. The projectors provide dynamic installation options – such as 360° rotation and portrait applications — allowing users to project images onto ceilings, walls, floors or angled signage. With support for vertical/horizontal keystone and four-corner geometric adjustment, the series offers “virtually unlimited mounting flexibility.”

Vivitek says its PJ-Control software can manage multiple projectors, helping users control viewing options, settings and scheduling while also allowing for the adjustment of display features over a network. To enhance the convenience of handling large events, the DU7000 series offers Art-Net support, enabling integration with the stage controller console for direct projector management.

The DU7099Z has an MSRP of £5,390, excluding VAT. The DU7199Z has an MSRP of £6,390 and the DU7299Z has an MSRP of £7,690.