Visualplanet’s Latest Touchfoil Aimed at Harsh Environments

vp-touchfoil-0315Visualplanet’s Single User touchfoil has been specifically engineered for single user interaction that even works when wearing gloves. Aimed at the transportation and public access environments, touchfoil is a clear flexible film touch sensor, which is applied to glass to add touch capabilities.

Simple to Visualplanet’s retro-fit, the touchfoil works through glass up to 20mm thick which means that an existing install base could be upgraded to include touch capability with the minimum of investment.  Positioned on the back of the glass, the touch sensor is protected within the panel — robust, reliable and able to withstand heavy daily usage. Flush against the glass with zero bezel, the touchfoil doesn’t interfere with the process of IP rating the enclosure to be immune to ingress from water and dust – making it easy to maintain and keep clean.

As mentioned above, the touch sensor can even be used while the user is wearing gloves — perfect as Visualplanet’s touch sensor technology is deployed in some of the most extreme environments around the world. When combined with the right application, the high performing, interactive touchfoil can enhance customers’ experience across multiple market sectors whilst also generating a tangible return on investment. For more information, go here.

Here is the touchfoil in some harsh environments: