Vistacom Announces Release of New Tech Unraveled Podcast

TECH UNRAVELED for webVistacom Inc., a leading provider of audiovisual, communications and control room solutions headquartered in Allentown, PA, announced today the release of its debut episode of the new podcast “Tech Unraveled,” seeking to broaden the conversation and go beyond the buzzwords in the professional AV industry.

Hosts—and sibling duo—Lianna Russell and Joshua Herring kicked off the newly launched podcast with an episode featuring the company’s CEO, Angela Nolan and President, Jim Ferlino to talk about the unique history of Vistacom and provide a behind-the-scenes take on what it really means to be a technology integrator in today’s audiovisual markets both regionally in PA and across the country.

“We want to unravel the AV industry in a way that’s easy to understand, while also going beyond the buzzwords and the basic foundations,” Herring said. “We’re going deep and getting real and dirty by bringing in subject matter experts and thought leaders from a wide variety of sectors within Pro AV.”

The six-decade old Pennsylvania-based AV integration business is also family-run and is currently a woman-owned company as of this year under the helm of Nolan, who is the daughter of founder Jack Ferlino. Today, she and her brother Jim Ferlino run and work for their father’s company, along with the senior Ferlino’s grandchildren and podcast hosts, Russell and Herring.

Nolan stated that her father’s goal for creating Vistacom was “excellence and proof of performance at the drawing board stage,” which continues to be a guiding principle for their operations today.

“He ingrained, really, the foundation of who we are at Vistacom, and I think it still permeates the company today,” said Nolan. “He was also very customer-focused, making sure that whatever solution we provided was the right solution for that client, and that we stuck with them all the way through to make sure that we had a complete, quality installation.”

Listen or watch “Tech Unraveled” on Vistacom’s website, or on YouTube, Spotify, Apple, Google or your podcast platform of choice.