Visix Releases Version 1.65 of AxisTV Signage Suite Software

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Visix has released version 1.65 of its AxisTV Signage Suite software. This latest update adds features for higher education clients and “improves Visix Cloud and software user experiences.”

NetMenu is CBORD’s complete web-based, fully-hosted food service solution for higher education venues. AxisTV Signage Suite’s desktop designer, AxisTV Design, has a new CBORD widget that lets clients pull in data from NetMenu to create stunning, auto-updating menu boards for digital signs. The drag-and-drop widget can be paired with data-driven text fields and artwork in fullscreen layouts or single messages within playlists. Visix consultants can help clients with initial configuration and design.

A new Announcements hub in the AxisTV Manage content management system lets administrators publish announcements to AxisTV Design users once they log in and connect to the server. This tool gives clients with multiple content contributors a centralized, in-app messaging system for things like maintenance notices and software update reminders. Announcements can include a title, body text and more info URL, and can be delivered in English, French, Spanish and German. AxisTV Design users can dismiss each popup announcement temporarily or permanently, so as not to interrupt workflows.

AxisTV Alert, Visix’s stand-alone alerting app, can now poll Everbridge CAP RSS feeds for emergency notices managed in the popular higher education alerting platform. Alerts can override content on specific screens or be broadcast system wide in a matter of seconds. Other enhancements include easier media player and room sign device registration, the ability to “nudge” elements in AxisTV Design using arrow keys, and various bug fixes. The company has also released a security and stability update for their Connect room signs management app. Clients with a current support subscription get software updates for free and can sign up for the subscription at any time.

The full release notes and request update details are here: