Visix Launches Safety Message Subscription Service for Digital Signage

visix safety message subscription

Visix has launched a new safety message subscription service for digital signage clients. And, as an introductory offer, clients who purchase a new AxisTV Signage Suite content management system will receive three months of free OSHA-inspired safety content. This is a $600 value, with a new safety message for each weekday delivered to subscription holders. In addition, clients have access to over 200 free message designs covering a range of topics from COVID-19 and inspirational quotes to trivia and stress relief tips.

Safety messages will cover topics like general health and safety tips, motivational quotes, trivia, calendar highlights and content tailored to a number of specialty tasks and environments. Messages are delivered via an HTML5 playlist that is easily inserted into digital signage layouts for on-site employees or webpages for remote workers. Starting price for the safety messages subscription after the initial three-month promotion is $2,400 per year for an unlimited number of players and screens.

The addition of a safety message subscription is the latest in the company’s efforts to provide end-to-end visual communications solutions for production facilities.