VISIX Launches

appoint 0313

appoint-0313Visix has launched a brand new website for its newest digital signage content management application APPOINT. The site is optimized for audiences seeking affordable digital signage solutions for K-12 schools, small businesses, local franchises, clinics and more.

The new website features product information, technical specs and pricing with direct links for online buying. Each of three products can be downloaded directly from the website for a free 60-day trial period, and can be purchased and licensed for use through the site’s online portal:

This software is used to create, manage and schedule digital signage messages. The user-friendly interface lets users select a theme and layout, import and create content, and then schedule it for playback in either playlists or programs.

APPOINT Player: The player software runs on a small PC connected to a screen(s) and tells it what to play when.

APPOINTwmv: This application allows users to publish their PowerPoint presentations as videos and schedule them to playback in any digital signage software. This product offers everything in APPOINT with the exception of scheduling and player controls.

A digital signage blog also provides articles to educate and help basic users get started with their digital signage system.

The site is organized to allow quick, easy access to all of these resources. If a visitor is not sure where to look for specific information, a site-wide search engine and site map are provided.

You can see the site here: