Visix Debuts All-New Room Sign Line at InfoComm

meetingminder-0614Visix premiered its completely new room sign line at InfoComm 2014 in Las Vegas. Visix is still the first digital signage company to offer a full line of room signs, called MeetingMinder, with scheduling options that unite digital signage and room management solutions.

A new future-forward design for the MeetingMinder models with availability of lights on the sides of the Touch and Connect units that glow green when a room is available and red when occupied. And, new EPS models offer an affordable e-paper option for office hoteling.

The MeetingMinder Touch10 and Touch15 are 10″ and 15″ models, respectfully, and allow users to publish digital signage content alongside room schedules. These interactive signs display room reservations from AxisTV, Exchange or EMS, while allowing users to create a walk-up reservation at the screen. Touch room signs can also run in non-interactive mode so that content and schedules are displayed full-screen.

The MeetingMinder Connect10 is a room sign that shows data from Exchange, EMS or Google Calendars, and the interactive screen allows for room booking at the sign. Connect signs display digital signage messages from any content management application that can export an RSS image playlist.

The Touch and Connect signs can be surface mounted or recessed in walls. Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows one Ethernet cable to supply both power and data, so there’s no worry about concealing power bricks.

And, the MeetingMinder EPS3 and EPS7 are aimed at the Hoteling market and include a 3″ and 7″ design that both use electronic paper (aka ePaper) and can show data from Exchange, EMS or Google Calendars, are updated wirelessly via RF communication and are battery-powered signs that are only activated when information changes, providing a battery lifespan of at least five years or 10,000 updates.

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All the details will be here on the opening day of InfoComm.

Here’s a video of Sean Matthews, president and CEO of Visix, talking about the new line: