Visix RoomBoard Announced

Visix_RoomBoard_label-0613Visix’s newest room sign, called RoomBoard, is a touchscreen wayfinding solution that shows room availability, allows scheduling at the screen and integrates with MeetingMinder conference room signs – and it’s on rAVe’s InfoComm Top 10 Tour!

The RoomBoard is custom-built with the client’s logo, colors and map. Maps are interactive and room availability is instantly recognizable with available rooms in green and busy rooms in red. Point-to-point directions and event schedules can be included, or content blocks can play back standard playlists.

Room availability is fed by a scheduling application, and a hot spot can be incorporated to launch either Microsoft Exchange or EMS, allowing viewers to schedule rooms right at the RoomBoard.

Clients can integrate the RoomBoard with MeetingMinder room signs – all being fed by a central scheduling application and all allowing scheduling at the display – for an enterprise-wide scheduling solution.

You’ll find all the specs here.