Visix and Tango Enter Partnership, Tango Reserve Now Featured on Visix EPS Signs

Visix Tango 1

Visix and Tango have entered into a partnership that allows Visix to offer Tango’s Reserve by AgilQuest (“Tango Reserve”) application on their full range of EPS desk and room signs for a complete workspace booking and occupancy management solution.

Visix developed its EPS signage line to provide wireless options for corporate and education customers to display room schedules and reservations outside meeting rooms and other shared spaces. Tango Reserve lets EPS clients fully enable their hybrid workplace by adding desk booking, room booking and workplace analytics. Tango’s enhanced feature set helps business leaders expand choice and flexibility, do more with less space, and use Tango Reserve’s Analytics Dashboards for improved analysis and decision making.

EPS signs pull reservation data from Tango Reserve to update space availability status and other reservation information in real time. The same application invites employees to scan a QR Code on EPS desk signs to view upcoming availability, immediately book open slots, or check-in using a safe, touchless solution.

Visix offers a variety of EPS sign sizes to accommodate a wide range of room and workspace types, and larger models can be fitted with custom faceplates showing branding, room numbers and braille for ADA compliance.