VISIX Adds Social Media Feeds to Digital Signage Offerings

custom-projects-page-image-1024x505-1116Visix has added a new Social Media Subscription service to their digital signage product line. The new modules are customized, responsive and offer a variety of features managed through an online portal.

Social media feeds provide clients with auto-updating content that attracts viewers and increases participation on their social networks. It also allows them to promote their brand and events, while starting conversations with audience members through social channels.

Clients can show posts for a single handle or hashtag from 10 social networks – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine, Google+ and LinkedIn. They can choose from five different display styles, view basic analytics, and moderate posts from a user-friendly online dashboard.

Visix’s Creative Services team will customize each module with custom colors, fonts and background designs to match the client’s brand and screen designs. All social media modules are responsive to fit any content zone within digital signage layouts.

Here are the details.