Visionary Solutions Releases New Encoder, Decoder With USB-C Connectivity

visionary solutions packetav duet 2 encoder decoder

Visionary Solutions has announced the release of the PacketAV DUET 2 Encoder and Decoder. According to the company, they are the world’s first AV-over-IP endpoints with built-in USB-C connectivity for distributing 4K UHD Video and Dante/AES67 over Gigabit Ethernet.

The new DUET 2 encoders and decoders deliver 4K UHD video, Dante/AES67 connectivity and control, all via a single Main Gigabit LAN port. USB-C connectivity is standard. It offers connection for sharing media via laptop, tablet, phone or other USB-C connected devices, as well as enabling soft-codec integration via driverless USB 2.0 connection to a PC for web conferencing applications such as Zoom, Skype, Webex and Microsoft Teams.

DUET 2 endpoints are also equipped with an Ethernet Expansion port, enabling network connectivity for control and managed IP traffic pass-through to remote devices, including projectors, displays, and touch panel controllers. This expansion port also supports Power Over Ethernet (PoE) pass-through to connected devices for added flexibility.

DUET 2 units also offer multiple selectable local input sources with HDMI loop-through, enabling automatic switching between USB-C and dual HDMI input sources via input detect mode, or via a programmed control system or web browser.